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Kara's Story

“The results that I’ve seen after working with Kavita have been mind blowing. I’m not the same person by miles and leaps and bounds. She guided me to that place that I wanted to be almost effortlessly. I felt so supported. I’m experiencing much deeper connections with men now than I’ve ever had before.”
Kara, Her Husband Noah and their Son
Kara, Her Husband Noah and their Son

Jess's Story

Now that I trust myself completely, I’ve stopped choosing the wrong men, and found my perfect match."

Jen's Story

“The kind of work that she does, no one else is doing. She has the ability to see your blind spots that you have about yourself, about your life, and about love."
Jen and Her Husband Scott
Jen and Her Husband Scott

Teera's Story

“The way that things change and open up are really miraculous."

Ritu's Story

“I’ve tried everything else, nothing had worked before. Before starting with Kavita, I didn’t want to date anyone or talk to guys. My relationship with men is now fun. It’s been exciting. I’m more interested. I’m more curious.”
Ritu's Engagment
Ritu's Engagment

Rachael's Story

“Since starting this work with Kavita, everything is different. I got out of a relationship within days, that I was dragging out for over 6 months. Meeting men is now enjoyable. My relationship with my parents, my relationship with my friends...My whole life is different because I have the courage to ask for what I want now.”
Rachael and Her Husband
Rachael and Her Husband

Karimi's Story

"I did so much other work and working with Kavita and team is by far the best investment I’ve ever made."

Koby's Story

“I’m back with the love of my life after 7 years, and he said he never stopped loving me”

Rebecca's Story

“Doing this work has been the most important work of my life. It is the most important thing I've ever done for myself. Kavita is in the top 3 in terms of people that have left an impact on me.”
Rebecca's Wedding
Rebecca's Wedding

Nammy's Story

"I'm in a passionate, committed relationship and I feel completely happy, satisfied and fulfilled."

Pooja's Story

“Kavita has helped me with so much more than just finding love. It's honestly the best thing I have ever done investment wise in my life.”
Pooja's Engagement
Pooja's Engagement

Helina's Story

"If I could have this huge transformation in 12 weeks and then shortly after find the love of my life that fits me inside and out, know that it's really possible. You can get there too."


Art Historian
"'I'm engaged and none of it—the intimacy we’ve built, the transparency, the trust—would have been possible without the tools you taught me and insights you instilled. I will always be grateful for our experience together and the work you encouraged I do for myself has irrevocably changed my life. You helped me open my heart up to love and now my heart is filled with the love of the most wonderful man I’ve ever met."


"Thank you for all that you did to open me up to the love that was just waiting for me. Your guidance really helped me get past a lot of baggage that was holding me down. Martin and I are now engaged to be married. He was already in my world and I just couldn't see it, and now I'm in the relationship of my dreams."


Health Coach
"Before I met Kavita I was lonely and totally exhausted with dating. It wasn’t fun anymore, yet I really wanted to be in a relationship. Working with Kavita helped me to connect on a deeper level with friends and family around me, which had me feel less alone. So when I met Neerav, I was able to be way more present with him than I had with any other man. A month later we were exclusive, and 14 months later we were engaged!"


Business Coach
"Working with Kavita opened my eyes about what I deserved and about my own fears in love that were holding me back. I’m much clearer about the type of partner and love I want to receive, how to work with my own fears in relationships, and how to move forward with an optimism about love. It’s made all the difference in the world to have her positive, wise guidance navigating the confusion of love, and I feel so much more confident in myself to know what I want and how to make sure I’m with the right person than every before. If you’re looking for someone to zone in on your blind spots and help you get clarity on why you’re not receiving the love or having the relationship you want, it’s time to work with Kavita. She’s the real deal and I usually don’t listen to anyone."


Sarah Jenks

Founder of
"Finding your partner is a loaded topic. I see so many relationship experts making it look so easy, touting simple and surface strategies to meet the perfect guy. I mean, if all those things worked, we’d all be hitched by now. Kavita knows it’s not about saying the right thing or being in the right place, it’s way deeper than that. Kavita is finally removing the veil of dating and showing us what it really takes to get into a great relationship. Kavita will take you deep, will make you cry (in a good way) and will help you see men, women and yourself in a whole new light. No one is doing what Kavita does, and I can safely say that every single woman who wants to find love should work with her."

Lewis Howes

Lawyer Lifestyle Entrepreneur + Author
“Kavita is my secret weapon. Intimate relationships have always been fun (but a challenge) for me in the past. Since working with Kavita, I feel at peace as she's been able to guide me to trust myself and understand relationships better so that every time a "challenge" comes up, it feels effortless and a deeper sense of love comes from it.”

Marni Battista

Dating Expert
“Kavita has an insight into answering the "why am I still single" question that is not only one-of-a-kind in the dating industry, but exceptionally powerful. If you feel like nothing you have tried as worked before, Kavita's system could be the answer to unlocking your heart so that you can find the loving relationship you desire.”

Nikita Chopra

Nitika, Talk Show Host and Beauty & Lifestyle Expert
"Working with Kavita, without a doubt, completely changed my life. When I called her to talk about my relationship that was ending, I was broken and hurting in a way that I had never experienced before. I actually didn’t even know if she could really help me, only because I felt like I had been trying everything up until that point. Kavita not only helped me, she transformed me. She is THE person I go to for relationship support and I trust her with my whole heart. If you’re feeling a tug on your heart that you might want to work with her too, please do yourself a favor and make it happen. Your life will never be the same for all the most incredible reasons."

Selena Soo

Founder of S2 Groupe
"Kavita’s deeply insightful advice helps women break free of old relationship patterns that are holding them back from getting what they want. She helps you uncover family dynamics you were previously unaware of that may be sabotaging your love life, so that you can create the relationship of your dreams on your own terms. I would recommend her to anyone."

Mia Lux Koning

Business Coach
"It can be incredibly difficult to trust that someone who is not IN your relationship, could possibly have anything meaningful to say about it. But, the combination of Kavita’s own practical love experience, her honed intuition, and her relentless intellectual curiosity about “love”, gives her the ability to see into a specific relationship and find the universal truths needing attention. She shares her beautiful, varied toolkit with those people so that they can mend, build, expand the love between them. Trusting someone with your most precious human relationship is a big deal, and Kavita is well worth the trust."

Nisha Moodley

Women’s Leadership Coach
"There are some people who have a knack for lovingly seeing right into your soul. Kavita is one of those people. As a dear friend, I know her more deeply than most, and I can easily say that she has one of the most service-oriented hearts I’ve ever known. She is a true champion of love, compassion, and presence, and has a gift for turning love blocks into access points for connection. If you crave soul-level love in your life, you’re in the right place."


"I am dating for the first time and I’m really enjoying it I was really unsure whether I should enroll in Soul Level Love because I felt that since I’m only 18, I should figure this out on my own. Still, there was something inside me that knew I couldn’t do this work on my own and I felt that enrolling was the right thing to do. Kavita really knows what she is talking about, and she helps you dig deep. I was really scared I wouldn’t see any progress, but now I am dating for the first time and I’m really enjoying it. I feel so much better about myself, I’m less anxious and stressed and I see so much change in the way I feel and act around guys. I’m more confident and I feel way more loved. I’m so thankful I joined this program, I couldn’t have done this without Kavita’s help."

—Maria L., Norway

"So many amazing possibilities have opened up, most of which I never imagined were possible. I was in and out of an unhealthy relationship for years. I didn’t see how I could get out of it. It really seemed impossible. Even if I did get out, what would I do after that? Be single forever? Kavita helped me to see things from a unique point of view. She approached my situation differently than anyone else had. She didn’t constantly tell me that I needed to stop doing this, stop doing that. She got me to a place where I wanted to stop. After years of trying to get out, I finally ended my relationship. Without the support and trust of Kavita, this would have never been possible."

—Stacy, Production Manager, New York, NY

"I feel much more centered and free within myself. I wanted to be able to be myself with men, especially the ones I find attractive. I wanted to dissolve the patterns that meant I was attracting men who were not able to have the kind of relationship I wanted. After completing Soul Level Love, I feel much more centered and free within myself. I have had miraculous healings with regard to my parents and that has enabled me to feel compassion and love for myself. Now I can express my feelings, needs, and wants and know that I can have what I want in love."

—Laura N., London

"I am much more open to meeting someone anywhere. My intention before starting Kavita’s Soul Level Love Program was to clear the barriers to receiving romantic love in my life. Because of that commitment, I now have deeper connection and awareness of the love that already exists in my life, especially the love my parents have for me. The type of man I am attracted to has changed and I am much more open to meeting someone anywhere, rather than feeling all this pressure to try and make it happen. I loved Soul Level Love!"

—Sara, New York, NY

"He is the One! He is different than any man I have been with in my life. I want you to meet him. Yes he is the one! I have been in a monogamous relationship with him for quite some time now. Without your class, I doubt if I would’ve ever been open to even accept him in my life. Your class helped me so much! He is different than any man I have been with in my life. He fit my entire list that you helped me write. I opened my heart, Kavita, and when I asked my friend if she knew of anyone that she thought would be perfect for me and in he walked! We have been together ever since. I decided to trust you and now I have the happiness I have wanted my whole life."

—J.K., Interior Designer, Missouri

"Not only am I dating a great man, but this work improved how I show up in all my other relationships — business, family, friends! After dating like it was my full time job and never finding anyone substantial, I started to HATE it. Though I felt like a catch, I was losing hope. I started this work to learn what behaviors or mindsets were ultimately blocking me from love. At first I felt guilty for spending money and was dreading it being like therapy and requiring me to dig through my past. BUT I am so happy I did. Kavita helped me to clear blocks and negative beliefs and start having SO much fun dating again. I’m in a relationship now and by the time I met him and we decided to become exclusive, I had to let 2 other high-quality men know that I could no longer date them!"

—Tina, Entrepreneur, New York

"I started working with Kavita after going through an epic break up. I was heartbroken, knew I was repeating patterns that I had before, and desperately wanted to move on and find that loving partner that I knew I deserved. Kavita’s approach is a perfect combination of loving and supportive, but with enough tough-love and accountability that helped to move me forward. She also has crazy, off the charts intuition! Working with Kavita has helped my relationships with my family and friends become deeper and richer, I was able to process through a very challenging breakup and come through stronger and happier, and when I was truly ready I met an amazing, wonderful man. I can say for sure, if it wasn’t for Kavita, I wouldn’t be where I am today feeling this strong and happy, love her!"

—Shia, Vancouver